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Ask us about the latest versions

Current development status

We have worked through a lot of different tests of the bike geometry and steering mechanisms. We are not able to show the latest two builds as the patents have not yet cleared. However, we are already designing the our customer test bikes for more extensive road and consumer trials.

Development contacts

If you'd like to work with us or follow project more closely then please contact us via: design@ our website address. This design is registered and patents are being applied for. Please note that most of the details shown on the site already out of date and don't show the key design details. However the safe load carrying, folding, and easy locking features are still included.

Sales contacts

If you'd like to be notified when the first bikes are available to purchase then please contact us via: sales@ our website address.

If you'd like to purchase a madguardless water removal brush then please contact us via: mudguards@ our website address.

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